Low Visibility, Abrasion Resistant, High Density and Non-Porous

HPx 100% Fluorocarbon Leader

LOW VISIBILITY - Seaworx Fluorocarbon Leader Fishing Line is an excellent line for fishing in clear water because it is nearly invisible when submerged underwater. The invisibility greatly reduces the prey's awareness which helps you catch more fish.

ABRASION RESISTANT - Our Fluorocarbon Leader Fishing Line can withstand heavy friction from underwater solid objects such as rocks, debris and reef obstacles.

HIGH DENSITY FISHING LINE - Sinks faster than any line type; our fishing line is ideal for anchoring bait close to the bottom and gaining more depth using weightless presentations.

NON-POROUS - Maintains the same strength, sensitivity, and handling characteristics beneath the surface as it does when dry.

Keep your lures in one place

Seaworx Fishing Lure Bag

Seaworx Fishing Lure Bag is a roll all in one bag designed to perfectly fit and keep all your lures in one place. Our lure bags are great for before, during and after your fishing trips. They are proven time and time again.

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Changing How Anglers Go Fishing

Monofilament Leaderline

The Seaworx Fishing Monofilament Leaderline is a high-quality mono leader that has exceptional stretch and abrasion resistance. It possesses a very high knot strength that will allow you to be confident in your rigs when using them.

This monofilament leader is perfect for all types of fishing like grouper fishing, offshore trolling, catching large catfish, and tons of other applications.

Seaworx Lures

Top Grade, Durable, Hydrodynamic and Multiple Variants

Seaworx Fishing Lures

TOP GRADE LURE - 100% proven to effectively catch Wahoo and other big species of fish; perfect for high-speed trolling.

DURABLE - Created with premium material; provides resistance to bites and is reusable for future fishing sessions.

HYDRODYNAMIC - Fluid motion; helps prevent the lure from being tangled or wrapped in weeds.

MULTIPLE VARIANTS - versatile and wide selection of sizes for different fishing conditions such as location, type of water, and the type of species targeted.

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